Introducing Managed-Risk-as-a-Service. Discover an innovative and proactive way to really secure your business and do it at less cost…

Data Management

  • Applications and data can be breached over HTTP right through a firewall. Ransomware and natural disasters can cause catastrophic damage to your business. Let RootCellar Technologies show you how to plan and execute a Data Management strategy vital to your business survival…

IT Design & Deployment

  • Do you need a multi-vendor, full turn-key IT platform deployed to enable your business? Let RootCellar Technologies show how we can plan and execute an optimal and secure hybrid cloud / hosted IT Solution that keeps you focused on what matters most, your business….

IT Procurement

  • Struggling with strategic hardware sourcing decisions and enablement, IT value assessment, logistics and other vital procurement procedures? RootCellar Technologies has the vendor independence and buying power to ensure your business is getting the right equipment at the right price…

Fractional IT

  • Does your business require IT resources, but not necessarily enough to warrant full time employees? Maybe there is a project where you need a surge of virtual IT staff, but only for a limited time. Fractional IT allows you to have just the right amount of IT on demand, when you need it…

Printer Services

  • Does your business need these print and scanning devices to run? RootCellar Technologies has a suite of maintenance and support services to keep these devices maintained, supplied and operating at peak efficiency so your business can function just as effectively as they do…

RootCellar Technologies is the trusted name in mission critical data management.

Our results are customer driven; therefore, we are always developing reliable, cost-effective solutions that deliver real business outcomes.

Manage your IT business risks with RootCellar Technologies

We are a hybrid IT Consulting and IT Security firm, producing advanced new security technologies, supported by over a decade of trusted experience in the service of security and mission critical data management. Our highly skilled IT Security Operational Center Team supports the mission critical Risk Management-as-a-Service known as RootSecure.


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What they say about us

Jeff L.
"At eSolutions Group we have had a good experience with the hardware we have received from RootCellar Technologies and the post-sales support. They don’t just sell the hardware they help us get the value we are looking for. RootCellar Technologies has a talented team that has an excellent grasp on the current technologies available and I can be confident that we have received the best product to meet our needs. We receive continuous support and follow-up to ensure that we are happy with our current state of affairs and RootCellar has the staff on hand to address any surprises that we might encounter. RootCellar Technologies sells an overall experience not just the hardware."
Brad K.
"If you are looking for reliable data management solutions RootCellar Technologies can deliver! RootCellar is a complement of highly knowledgeable and expert staff able to help with all phases of a large and complex deployment from concept and testing to hardware and software procurement and to deployment, optimization and maintenance. The expert staff at RootCellar Technologies are like an extension of our own IT team."
Scott B.
“Challenger has been very satisfied with all of the services and solutions that we have received from RootCellar Technologies. We have a good relationship with the staff and all engagements have gone smoothly and without delay. They have a broad range of knowledge about specific implementations and provide tailored solutions for us and our needs. Staff are flexible and willing to work around our hours and schedule and are always available when needed. What keeps us coming back to RootCellar Technologies is the confidence that it will be done properly the first time and knowing that there will be an ongoing relationship even after the services are complete.”
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