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    Generate & Manage Your Risk Scores
    You can't manage what you can't measure. RootSecure is effective because it measures in real time the outcome of your IT security policies, programs and decisions across the four main risk components.
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    Prioritize Risk of Your Most Critical Assets
    A moderately important technical vulnerability may become critical for a more valued business asset. RootSecure optimizes costs by focusing and prioritizing IT security resources on assets you value most.
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    Continuous Risk Management Services
    RootSecure augments a penetration test regimen with a continuous real time capability that delivers lower risk over time at less cost. By employing RootSecure as a continuous service offering, experts help prioritize risk specific to your business daily.

Core IT Infrastructure Risk

Well-known, older vulnerabilities are packed into exploit kits. Newer ones are added daily. The core IT infrastructure (networks, platforms, systems) need to be continuously scanned for vulnerabilities; these vulnerabilities then need to be prioritized and mitigated.

Process Risk

Process risk means regularly and proactively applying selected processes designed to probe for real exploitability against IT security policies. For instance, credentials and passwords may function technically correctly, however the processes surrounding lack of password complexity enforcement or lack of brute-forcing detection can generate substantial organizational risk

Data & Application Risk

HTTP-based applications are designed to transmit transparently through the firewall to a mobile app or browser through an API. These applications can be attacked directly, or breached / pivoted to other critical internal applications. Sensitive data must be prioritized for more frequent “snapshots” for superior data management, and application level vulnerability risk must be continuously evaluated

People Risk

People risk addresses one of the weakest links exploited by malicious actors, namely fooling employees into inadvertently supplying information, or coerced into the arbitrary execution of code. Applying social engineering penetration tests, anti-phishing campaigns, and security awareness training are all components of a successful people risk management program

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